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Irish lambast Russia over Kremlin propagandist suggesting nuking Ireland, UK

Russian state-controlled channel, Rossiya 1 published a clip in which Russian nuclear weapons obliterate the UK along with the neighbouring country of Ireland. The Irish politicians were less than thrilled.

Micheál Martin, the Republic of Ireland’s Taoiseach (equivalent of prime minister) had commented on a clip recently shown in the Russian state-controlled channel Rossiya 1, in which the United Kingdom is wiped off the face of the earth along with Ireland.

In the clip, Kremlin propagandist, a close associate of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, and Russian television’s “military expert”, Dmitry Kiselyov, boasts about the capabilities of the Russian nuclear potential, capable of wiping out the United Kingdom with a single strike. Kremlin’s “expert” not only appears to forget that the UK has a sizeable nuclear arsenal of its own, more than capable of a devastating retaliatory strike in the face of annihilation, but he also flippantly erases Ireland from existence; an EU member state, but otherwise historically neutral and not a member of NATO. It appears he missed the memo about Ireland gaining its independence from the United Kingdom in the early 1920s.

Taoiseach Martin expressed in an interview given to the Irish Mirror his feelings about Rossiya 1’s broadcast. “It’s very sinister, intimidatory type tactics by the Russian Federation but I don’t think anyone’s going to be intimidated by it and I think it reflects a mindset that is worrying and not in touch with reality.”

The Irish nation has a long-standing tradition of resistance. The Irish are obviously not easily intimidated, nor will they take such insults lying down. For now, Mr Martin merely demanded an apology from the Russian state TV, telling his cabinet during a meeting that “there should be an apology forthcoming in relation to that but the more fundamental point I would think is that Russia should cease hostilities in Ukraine.” Having referred to the situation of Ukraine, the Taoiseach continued with his criticism of Russian aggression and the wanton destruction perpetrated by the Russian invaders:

“The degree of bombardment and destruction of towns and cities and human carnage that has taken place is absolutely without any justification. It’s an immoral war that should end and human corridors should be provided consistently in terms of those trapped in Mariupol and other locations.”

Mr Martin serves as the head of a coalition cabinet with his party, Fianna Fáil, at the helm. The leader of his party’s coalition partner, The Greens, Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications Eamon Ryan also reacted to the video calling it “disturbing” and “a disgrace.”

“In what world could that be seen as appropriate? In what world could that be seen in any way, something you would share and show. It’s a disgrace and I’m looking forward to hearing what Simon Coveney has to say in terms of what we say about it,” said Mr Ryan.

Ireland’s chief of diplomacy, Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney, did deliver on the call from Minister Ryan, although he was much less diplomatic in his choice of words when in a Tweet posted on May 3 he simply referred to Russian state TV’s broadcast as “trash”.

There’s been a lot of understandable comment in relation to this trash video on Russian State TV.
Let’s not allow ourselves be distracted from the real atrocities being committed by Russian Forces in #Ukraine by disinformation like this.

— Simon Coveney (@simoncoveney) May 3, 2022

Billy Kelleher, Irish MEP, said that the government should go further and summon Russia’s ambassador, Yury Filatov, to inform him of “our absolute disgust about the [Russian] broadcast”.

A TD (MP) from Fine Gael, a traditional foil to the Fianna Fáil, but currently another partner in the broad coalition government, Neale Richmond, called for an even harsher measure: expelling the Russian ambassador outright.

With Russian state media broadcasting blatant threats against Ireland supported by a continuing campaign of disinformation, it’s clear we need to expel Russia’s Ambassador from Ireland.

He is just another patsy in their propaganda machine as they wage war in #Ukraine.

— Neale Richmond (@nealerichmond) May 3, 2022

Ireland has already expelled four Russian diplomats since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. A man has also driven his car into the embassy’s gate in early March in protest over Russian aggression.

As for Dmitry Kisyelov, already back in 2015, he stated, that the Russian nuclear arsenal could turn the US into “radioactive dust”, a term he appears to be very fond of judging from the fact that this turn of phrase re-appears in his latest “analysis”.

An anonymous source in the Pentagon, quoted by Reuters, told the news agency that there is little likelihood of the Kremlin regime actually acting on its threats. “We continue to monitor their nuclear capabilities every day the best we can and we do not assess that there is a threat of the use of nuclear weapons and no threat to NATO territory,” said the anonymous Department of Defence official.

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