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UK to send aid worth EUR 357 mln to Ukraine

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to give a live address to Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, later today. In his speech, he will announce the transfer of another batch of military equipment worth GBP 300 mln (EUR 357 mln) to Ukraine, the British Prime Minister’s office announced on Tuesday.

Boris Johnson will be the first foreign leader to address the Verkhovna Rada since Ukraine was invaded by Russia on February 24. In an extract from his upcoming speech, which has been revealed by his office, he will “hail Ukraine’s resistance against tyranny as an exemplar for the world”.

More equipment for Ukraine

In terms of weaponry, the PM will announce the transfer of radar systems, equipment to disrupt GPS transmitters and thousands of night vision devices. In addition, Ukraine will receive drones to provide logistical support to isolated troops and more than a dozen Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles to help protect civilian officials in eastern Ukraine and evacuate the population.

Boris Johnson is also likely to give more details about the handover of Brimstone missiles and Stormer armoured vehicles, which was announced last week.

The Ukrainians have the courage of a lion.

President @ZelenskyyUa has given the roar of that lion.

The UK stands unwaveringly with the people of Ukraine.

Slava Ukraini ?? ??

— Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson) April 9, 2022

Ukraine is determined to be free

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, the head of the UK government will also express his admiration for the Ukrainian parliament. “This is Ukraine’s finest hour, an epic chapter in your national story that will be remembered and recounted for generations to come,” he is expected to say.

He will also add that the Ukrainian children and grandchildren “will say that Ukrainians taught the world that the brute force of an aggressor counts for nothing against the moral force of a people determined to be free.”

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