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Ten more bodies recovered in heavily damaged Borodyanka

On Saturday, ten more victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine were found in Borodyanka, Kyiv province, informed representative of the emergency services Bohdan Danyliuk, as quoted by the Ukrainian editorial office of BBC.

The bodies of eight victims were discovered under the rubble of the eight-storey buildings which sustained the most damage. Another two bodies were found under the rubble of four-storey buildings. According to Danyliuk, the most heavily damaged part of the town is the centre, which was heavily shelled by aircraft missiles.

Danyliuk emphasised that much of the destruction happened in the area with detached houses. “But for now, we are taking apart these blocks of flats, because there are corpses in the basements,” he added.

It’s been four days since paramedics and volunteers started searching for bodies in the ruins of Borodyanka. They are still hoping to find some survivors under the rubble, but it is not very likely, considering the character of the damages, said Danyliuk.

Borodyanka, the town northwest of Kyiv, had been recently recovered by the Ukrainian army, following the withdrawal of the Russian troops from the area. It is one of the most heavily damaged parts of the Kyiv province. The Ukrainian authorities had informed earlier that hundreds of bodies could be still under the ruins of the bombarded blocks of flats.

Earlier on Saturday, Ukraine’s prosecutor general, Iryna Venediktova, said that in the Kyiv region, which includes Borodyanka, Bucha and other towns and villages such as Irpin, authorities had found 650 bodies, with 40 of them children.

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