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Help Without Borders: 06.04

Help Without Borders concentrates on the humanitarian crisis caused by Russia’s war waged on Ukraine but in this episode, the focus is on Ukrainian’s animal companions.

The Russian atrocities touch not just people alone. Shocking news came from the town of Borodiyanka, where animals become innocent victims of Russian aggression in Ukraine. Mrs Stozek told TVP World that organisations helping those animals who had been left at their owners’ homes in Ukraine existed, among them the Ukrainian Red Cross.

As for the animal companions who found themselves in war zones, mostly cats and dogs, they often die from cardiac arrests.

The episode features a report from TVP World’s war correspondent Tomasz Grzywaczewski straight from the embattled Kharkiv’s oceanarium, which found itself under heavy shelling from Russian forces. But regardless of the pending danger, the dolphins’ carers have been staying with their charges, grooming them, keeping them company, feeding them.

Besides dolphins, TVP World takes a closer look at animals in the Ukrainian state’s duty.

The second guest of the evening is Jewish rabbi Miriam Klimova, who shares her story of insomnia and fear with which she has been living ever since February 24 — the day when Russia invaded Ukraine tramping down on an array of international treaties and universal human rights and dignity.

To watch the full episode, click the video on top of the page.

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