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Help Without Borders: 04.04

Watch another episode of TVP World’s Help Without Borders: a show dedicated to the refugees from Ukraine, to help you learn about their stories, the volunteers, charities, and organisations providing humanitarian assistance

More than 2.4 million refugees – of the 4 million in total who have fled from Ukraine – have so far reached the safety of Poland, which has been providing humanitarian help to the arrivals since the very beginning.

The programme’s first guest was Bartłomiej Filipek, a Polish entrepreneur.

He described the initiative of Polish entrepreneurs, who, closely cooperating with each other, are helping with transportation of refugees from the border to Warsaw and then, if desired, abroad.

“We cooperate with various NGOs and governmental institutions that contact us to reach for our help with transportation,” he reported.

As he said, the initiative was launched approximately four weeks ago.

“Spontaneously, some of our colleagues started to use their own cars to go to the border and help transfer the people who were gathered there in huge numbers and public transportation was not able to solve this problem,” he added.

The programme’s second guest was Fr Grzegorz Draus, priest of the St. John Paul II Roman Catholic Parish in Lviv.

As he reported, currently there are approximately 200,000 refugees in the city while probably over 400,000 have moved past it since the war started.

The friar pointed out that many of the refugees staying in Lviv are old and weak, and instead of heading to the West, they hope for the war to end soon.

“For them, the world behind the border with Poland is a different world,” he assessed.

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