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World News 4.04: World condemns Bucha massacre; elections in Hungary, Serbia

The United States and the EU have condemned what appears to be a deliberate massacre of civilians in the Ukrainian town of Bucha committed by the Russian troops and have voiced their support for Ukraine, calling the event a war crime. Meanwhile, certain pro-Russian sympathies have become apparent in Europe, as Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz won the general elections in Hungary and pro-Putin Aleksander Vučić and his Serbian Progressive Party won the early elections in Serbia.

Statement by Minister Kuleba

Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, met with his British counterpart, Liz Truss, in Warsaw. According to Kuleba, Ukraine won the battle for Kyiv and is now preparing for a new large-scale offensive in the east of the country. During a joint press conference, Kuleba also commented on the situation in the villages around Kyiv.

Evidence of war crimes in Ukraine

The mass graves uncovered near Kyiv following the withdrawal of the Russian forces are reminiscent of war crimes committed in other conflicts. From Chechnya to Yugoslavia, civilians often fall victim to war. There are photos of bodies lying in the street of Bucha, some with their hands tied behind their backs. Dozens were buried in mass graves. TVP World’s guest Inna Sovsun, Ukrainian Member of the Parliament, discussed the latest developments in Ukraine.

Lithuania denounces Russia

Lithuania is the first European Union country to lower the rank of its diplomatic relations with Russia in response to the country’s military aggression against sovereign Ukraine and to the atrocities committed by Russian armed forces in various occupied cities of Ukraine, including the horrific massacre in Bucha. Lithuania expelled the Russian ambassador from its country, closed the Russian consulate in Klaipeda, and called its ambassador from Moscow.

Germany’s response to the Bucha massacre

On Monday afternoon, Germany decided to declare 40 officials at the Russian embassy undesirable, with Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock also adding that Berlin would boost its support for Ukraine’s armed forces.

Orbán’s triumph

Viktor Orbán has won a fourth successive term as Hungary’s prime minister, capping a campaign dominated by his controversial stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with a speech that appeared to mock Volodymyr Zelenskyy. We present a report from Budapest.

Serbian elections

The pro-Putin Aleksander Vučić and his Serbian Progressive Party won the early elections in Serbia.

Costitutional crisis in Pakistan

The supreme court of Pakistan is set to rule whether the country’s Prime Minister Imran Khan was justified in dissolving parliament. The move plunged Pakistan into the worst constitutional crisis in years.

Riots in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s ongoing economic and humanitarian catastrophe has become a full-blown political crisis, with people taking to the streets in protest and a defiant government announcing an island-wide emergency. TVP World spoke to Karol Kamiński, a Polish citizen living in Sri Lanka.

TVP’s visit to a Polish school in Lithuania

Vice President of Polish Television Mateusz Matyszkowicz paid a visit to a Polish school in Trakai, where he discussed the cultivation of Polishness and teaching the Polish language in Lithuania.

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