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Horrible genocidal acts have to be investigated and punished: Yuri Terakov

Yuri Terakov of the Free Russia Forum said that the horrible genocidal acts in Ukraine committed by Russian soldiers have to be investigated and punished. Speaking on TVP World he expressed his hope that those responsible for the war crimes are brought to justice.

Terakov, who coordinates projects carried out by the Free Russia Forum, claims that the war in Ukraine is non-anonymous as modern technology helps in identifying the names of soldiers and commanders who took part in the genocidal acts in Bucha, Irpil and other Ukrainian towns.

He stressed that since the discovery of the atrocities those opposing Putin’s regime have to express their opposition even louder.

“It requires more responsibility from us to voice our disapproval of this war and to show that we are not silent collaborators in Putin’s crimes,” Terakov said.

He added that the Free Russia Forum is in the process of drafting a list of some 1,500 names of people who support the regime in the Kremlin and who are responsible for human rights violations, war crimes, propaganda and corruption.

“It will include members of the Russian Parliament, many politicians, who were instrumental in starting this war, as well as propagandists and celebrities who supported the war. We’ll try to convince governments to put sanctions on them. We also want to systemise the information for the future, when we try to build a democratic country in Russia,” Terakov said.

The list is going to be presented in the European Parliament as well as in the Parliaments in the Baltic states and Poland. The Free Russia Forum will encourage Western politicians to impose heavy sanctions on everybody who supports the war in Ukraine and who helps Putin’s regime in continuing the aggression.

The Free Russia Forum is an independent platform for Russia’s opposition to discuss issues of Russian and international politics, as well as to develop solutions for bringing Russia out of its current political, economic and civilizational crisis. The key focus of the Forum is the formation of an intellectual alternative to Putin’s regime, which would create the framework for building a new Europe-oriented Russia.

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