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Bucha killings are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’: Ukrainian FM

During a joint press conference of Ukrainian and British foreign ministers in Warsaw on Monday, Dmytro Kuleba urged the West to impose tougher sanctions on Moscow, after Ukraine began investigating possible Russian war crimes.

“The horrors that we’ve seen in Bucha are just the tip of the iceberg of all the crimes (that) have been committed by the Russian Army,” said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba, referring to the images of bodies of civilians lying on the ground and makeshift graves outside Kyiv, where 50 residents had been killed by the Russian troops, as confirmed by the town’s mayor on Sunday. “Half measures are not enough anymore. I demand the most severe sanctions this week, this is the plea of the victims of the rapes and killings. If you have doubts about sanctions, go to Bucha first,” he said, calling on the G7 and the EU to put more pressure on Russia and provide Ukraine with more weapons.

In our meeting in Warsaw, @trussliz and I coordinated further sanctions pressure on Russia and arms deliveries to Ukraine. After Bucha massacre, Russia must be stopped now. No more half-measures. G7 and EU sanctions must be devastating. Ukraine must receive all necessary weapons.

— Dmytro Kuleba (@DmytroKuleba) April 4, 2022

British Foreign Minister Liz Truss condemned the violent attacks of the Russian military forces on civilians in Ukraine. “We are all appalled by the scenes in Bucha, the butchery, the clear evidence of sexual crime, the targeting of innocent civilians and it is very clear that war crimes have taken place,” she stated. “Now as to the question of genocide, that is a matter for the courts to determine.”

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