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Poland for energy transition, but will continue using coal: dep PM

Jacek Sasin said at a meeting of the Provincial Social Dialogue Council in Katowice, southern Poland, devoted to the impact of the Ukraine war on the energy sector, that the ongoing conflict has made it necessary for Poland to review its strategy to end the use of coal energy.

The earlier objective was to eliminate the use of coal energy by the EU-set 2049 target. The Global Coal to Clean Power Transition Statement, signed by Poland on November 4, 2021, included an agreement to phase out coal power from major economies in the 2030s and the rest of the world in the 2040s.

Mr Sasin said that while Poland intended to carry on with the energy transition, it would have to continue and even raise its use of coal energy in the coming years because of the war. “The situation is different today. We know that we will need coal for much longer, and more of it up until now,” he pointed out. Sasin said the war in Ukraine made it necessary for the EU to rethink its entire energy and climate policy, and admitted Poland was thinking about extending coal energy beyond 2049, when it could function as a “stabiliser” for the national energy sector.

The minister said that Poland’s embargo on coal imports from Russia would result in a major investment related to domestic resources, which would, in turn, cause less spending on gas energy, but he assured that gas projects already underway would be continued.

Poland will not withdraw from energy transition, but will also continue investing in coal energy, a deputy prime minister @SasinJacek said on Monday.

— Polish Press Agency (@PAP_eng) April 4, 2022

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