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PM Morawiecki calls for commission to investigate Russia’s genocide in Ukraine

In the wake of the emergence of evidence demonstrating the Russian military’s horrid crimes against the Ukrainian population of Irpin and other localities, Poland’s PM Mateusz Morawiecki has called for the establishment of an international commission that would investigate crimes of genocide in Ukraine.

Bucha “massacre” was deliberate: Ukraine’s FM

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Bucha, Irpin, Hostomel, and Motyzhyn are localities that every single one of us will remember until their last days. There, the Russians have committed flagitious crimes,” the PM said during Monday’s press conference.

The official recalled that around 300 bodies were found of people who had been cruelly murdered, following the withdrawal of Russian forces from the town of Bucha. According to Reuters reporters who entered the town when it was liberated, bodies of shot civilians lay on the streets.

Associated Press journalists saw citizens in the town of Motyzhyn who had had their hands tied and bodies wounded indicating torture and deliberate extermination by a shot to the head at point-blank range.

🇷🇺 came in 🇺🇦 with military bands and columns of the Rosguard. But they were followed by mobile crematories. Why do you need them if you don’t believe in resistance? Now we know – to hide war crimes. This is not a performer's mistake. This is a planned genocide. #BuchaMassacre

— Михайло Подоляк (@Podolyak_M) April 3, 2022

“Those bloody massacres that Russians, Russian soldiers, have been committing deserve to be called by their real name — they are genocide and this crime must be judged as the genocide it is. In moments such as this, we must also realise that those who remain silent and are not speaking up are complicit,” PM Morawiecki said.

“We must speak together, loud and clear, about the crimes perpetrated there and we must counteract them. Whoever allows for another tragedy such as this to become reality is also accountable,” he stressed.

From 24 Feb—2 April, we recorded 3,455 civilian casualties in context of Russia’s armed attack against #Ukraine: 1,417 killed, incl 121 children; 2,038 injured, incl 171 children, mostly caused by shelling & airstrikes. Actual toll is much higher. Update

— UNHumanRightsUkraine (@UNHumanRightsUA) April 3, 2022

Russians leave their fallen soldiers, equipment behind: TVP World’s report from Kharkiv

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Seizing Russia’s assets necessary

“It is hereby that I call on the leaders of the EU to undertake decisive action — action that will finally tear asunder Putin’s war machine and suffocate it, an action that will lead to the seizing of the Russian Federation’s assets deposited in the banks of Western Europe, an action that will, at last, bring about the confiscation of the wealth of those Russian oligarchs who have been supporting Putin,” PM Morawiecki said.

PM Morawiecki called the Russian invasion of Ukraine “pure evil,” adding: “When we look at these horrid crimes against women, children, entire families, our cry [of outrage] should be heard even louder.” He also stressed that the Russian aggression was “the core of the Fascist-Russian regime, its principle.”

A warning that went unheeded

The PM also recalled how he had warned European leaders of Russia’s plan of extermination as early as November 2021. “I said that proscription lists were being made. I said that cleansings were being schemed. I demonstrated the mechanisms of how the Russians would carry it out. What I talked about is taking place today,” he stressed.

“What we are seeing today is how a map of the genocide of the 21st century is being drawn up,” he said, adding that “the conclusion is such, that Russia has already become a Fascist-totalitarian state today. We must stop it together acting within the NATO and EU frameworks. Stopping Putin’s war machine depends on the efficiency of the imposed sanctions.”

The PM concluded by saying that “the crime of genocide must be trialled, appropriately described and documented.”

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