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Over 600,000 refugees from Ukraine received a PESEL

More than 600,000 refugees from Ukraine have received a Polish National Identification Number (PESEL). Approximately 1.5 million war refugees have fled the Russia-Ukraine war to Poland, Deputy Interior Minister Paweł Szefernaker said on Monday.

The number of refugees that have received a PESEL has increased by around 100,000 since March 30.

By Tuesday afternoon, 500,000 Ukrainian refugees received a Polish PESEL personal identification number, the government's digitisation department has announced.

— Polish Press Agency (@PAP_eng) March 30, 2022

“This means that these are people who want to stay here for a long time, they want access to health care, they want to get a job, they want their children to go to school,” the deputy head of the Interior Ministry told Polsat News, a Polish private TV broadcaster.

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He recalled that the head of the Interior Ministry Mariusz Kamiński, together with his German counterpart, asked the European Commission to provide each country that has accepted refugees from Ukraine EUR 1,000 per refugee.

“It is important that these funds are relatively easy to spend because we are not waiting for grants from the European Union because if we waited for that, we would have a humanitarian disaster today,” the deputy minister stressed.

Ukrainian citizens who escaped to Poland are given a PESEL number under a special law. Ukrainian refugees are guaranteed legal residence, health care, the possibility of work and opportunity to continue their education.

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