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Hungarian elections: Fidesz wins constitutional majority in parliament

Hungary’s Fidesz party won decisively in Sunday’s parliamentary elections. The ruling party has secured a constitutional, two-thirds majority in the 199-seat parliament, according to data from the National Election Office (NVI) after nearly 99 percent of the votes were counted.

The coalition of Fidesz and the Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP) won nearly 54 pct of the vote, while the united opposition scored more than 34 pct. The far-right Our Fatherland party also entered parliament with 6.3 pct.

According to the current count, the Fidesz-KDNP coalition won 135 seats, the united opposition 56 seats, and the Our Homeland Movement seven. A representative of German nationality was also elected to the parliament. The turnout at 7 pm CEST, when polling stations closed, was 68.69 pct.

Media before and after the Hungarian elections

Before the elections, the media around the world speculated on the real possibility that Victor Orban would lose to a United opposition. “A poll published on Saturday put Orban’s Fidesz party and the opposition neck and neck on 47 per cent each among those certain to vote,” the Financial Times wrote on Sunday.

After the elections, the Hungarian media pointed out Victor Orban’s massive victory. “Fidesz-KDNP wins for the fourth time in a row with a two-thirds majority!”, the Origo news website pointed out.

Hungarian Secretary of State for International Communication and Relations Zlatan Kovacs quoted Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban as saying that his party achieved a “great victory”.

PM Orbán in celebratory speech: “We have won a great victory – a victory so great that you can see it from the moon, certainly from Brussels.”

— Zoltan Kovacs (@zoltanspox) April 3, 2022

“Fidesz managed to improve its 2018 result in all committees (provinces).” the Telex news portal stressed, adding that the opposition’s result will be divided into six parts, according to an earlier agreement between the opposition parties, each one will appear separately in parliament.

Hungarian electoral system

Hungary is under a Mixed Member Proportional System which means that 93 out of a total of 199 members of parliament are chosen through a national list and 106 are elected in single-member constituencies by first-past-the-post voting, according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union organisation.

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