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World News 3.04: Mass killings in Ukraine, general elections in Hungary

Russian retreat from the Kyiv region exposes the full extent of Moscow’s war crimes, as hundreds of civilians had been executed in the city of Bucha. Ukraine accuses Russia of genocide and urges the West to impose new radical sanctions on the aggressor. Meanwhile, following a campaign that was dominated by the subject of the Russia-Ukraine war, Hungary hosts general elections.

Russian war crimes

The mayor of the Ukrainian city of Bucha, Anatoly Fedoruk, said that Russian soldiers had murdered more than 300 civilians in the city before retreating from the Ukrainian counteroffensive. The Ukrainian delegation to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe called for a special session of the OSCE Permanent Council in connection with the mass killings and torture of civilians by the Russian military.

A criminal campaign

The Ukrainian army keeps astonishing the world with more successful counter-offensives. Meanwhile, Russian armed forces are now retreating from some areas of the country, but are not leaving with empty pockets, with widespread looting being yet another aspect of the brutal, lawless campaign of terror and war crimes in occupied territories.

General elections in Hungary

In Hungary, voting has now come to a close, ending the intense race between incumbent leader Viktor Orban and the coalition of opposition parties led by Peter Marki-Zay. Earlier polls have favoured Orban, known for his populist, conservative policies and his recent reluctance to break economic ties with Moscow despite Putin’s aggression against Ukraine.

But while the election fever in Hungary may be over, the greater political landscape in Europe would arguably have changed regardless of the result. The war in Ukraine has changed it all, and the shocking reports of the extermination of civilians by Russian forces have only served to emphasise that the region’s countries must now take a stand. TVP World’s guest Andrii Tymofeiuk, an economist based in Ukraine, discussed Hungary’s position in this new, altered environment.

War in Ukraine: 38th day

Unable to take major cities in the north of Ukraine, Russian troops are withdrawing from the area. As Ukrainian Armed Forces reclaimed the entirety of Kyiv oblast, more evidence of death and destruction has come to light. Civilians from the affected area are craving for normality, but returning to a scene of devastation and carnage is likely to be a tragic experience for many.

Civilian life in Kharkiv

With Russian forces now shifting their attention towards Eastern Ukraine, Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-biggest city, continues to bear the brunt of the ongoing hostilities, with ceaseless bombardment and missile strikes claiming more victims every day. We present a report from the war zone.

EU divided over energy

Imposing more sanctions on Russia is currently one of the main issues discussed at the European Union forum. The Baltic states are unanimous in their support of the next sanction package on Russia. However, a few European leaders, such as Hungary’s Viktor Orban, do not share their opinion. Meanwhile, there are some encouraging signals from Germany’s economy minister on the matter, although a major shift in energy policy is by no means certain.

Pope’s quest for peace

Pope Francis continues to advocate for peace in Ukraine during his international visits. The head of the Catholic Church did not shy away from condemning the war in Ukraine in no uncertain terms during his stay in Malta, reiterating his plea for peace in Eastern Europe.

Western pressure on Russia

Though very careful not to get involved in the war in Ukraine directly, western countries are maintaining their economic pressure on Moscow, contemplating even more severe sanctions as more reports of Russian brutality keep pouring in. The result: the devaluation of Russia’s currency and disruption of supply chains. At the same time, Ukrainian resistance is constantly being bolstered with transports of military equipment and essential supplies.

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