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Polish PM calls the Bucha massacre ‘genocide’

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Sunday that the killing of nearly 300 inhabitants of Bucha and other towns outside Kyiv was a genocide and should be punished as such, with everyone responsible in any capacity being brought before an international tribunal. He also called on the European Union to respond to Russian crimes by imposing radical and effective sanctions.

Bucha “massacre” was deliberate: Ukraine’s FM

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Prime Minister Morawiecki listed in a Facebook post the actions that the EU should take in order to stop Russia’s war crimes. “The EU must confiscate all Russian assets in its western banks as well as those of Russian oligarchs. It must sever all trade relations with Russia without delay. European money must stop flowing to the Kremlin,” he underlined.

He also urged the EU to increase weapons deliveries to Ukraine, emphasising that “Ukraine must receive more arms with which it can defend the women and children of Mariupol, Bucha and many other places. It is our political and moral duty. Enough of the false gestures and avoidance tactics. Enough!”

Morawiecki concluded by requesting a prompt meeting of the European Council devoted to Russia’s crimes and effective sanctions on Moscow.

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