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Brave dolphins from hard-hit Kharkiv hold their ground

The civil infrastructure of Kharkiv in East Ukraine has been continuously targeted by the Russian invaders. Yet, arguably one of its biggest attractions – dolphins from the Kharkiv Dolphinarium Nemo – so far remain unscathed, much owing to the pure luck, but also to their dedicated caretakers. Our correspondent Tomasz Grzywaczewski visited the facility.

The oceanarium staff had to make some harsh decisions, for example, who is to be evacuated from the embattled city. However, they could not simply leave their “kids” alone – because this is what these intelligent marine mammals have become to the employees.

The Kharkiv complex was under heavy fire within the first days of the invasion, as splinters broke the windows and came through the roof hitting the water. Fortunately, neither people nor dolphins were hurt!

Obviously, the caretakers declare they will stay there until the end of the war. They are going to feed the animals and play with them just like in the time of peace, and hide in the basement during air strike alerts.

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