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Russia conducts propaganda attacks against Poland: official

The Spokesperson of Poland’s Minister-Special Services Coordinator, in a series of messages posted o Twitter on Friday, accused Russia of waging a propaganda campaign against Poland.

Stanisław Żaryn, the spokesperson of the Minister-Special Services Coordinator stated that in recent days Russia has conducted co-ordinated propaganda attack against Poland, seeking to slander Poland and cause a rift between Poland, Ukraine, and the US.

Mr Żaryn said that the Kremlin tried to portray Poland as an aggressive warmonger, seeks to portray the Ukrainian refugees who came to Poland as a threat, and deprecate the Polish Armed Forces’ combat and defensive capabilities. Kremlin’s propagandists also try to portray Poland as a “United States’ vassal”, thereby suggesting that Poland’s involvement in the conflict is somehow a proxy war waged against Russia.

The Russian propaganda also targets Ukraine, by making unfounded atrocity accusations against Ukrainian soldiers and government, and suggesting that Ukraine is developing biological weapons, which it intends to use against Russia. Żaryn also said, that the Russians are making somewhat contradictory claims against the Ukrainian government, at the same time accusing them of sending Ukrainian cultural and national treasures abroad (implying it is selling them; according to the Russian narrative they are in fact Russian cultural heritage), and of extorting and defrauding monetary help from the West.

“Russian information actions are intended to shift the perception of the country’s war against Ukraine and of the Kyiv authorities. They are meant to make the West retract its support and commitment to Ukraine,” he said

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