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World News 1.04: Russia appears to retreat, evacuation corridor in Mariupol opens

Having failed to capture the city of Kyiv, the Russian troops appear to be withdrawing from the area, but Ukraine suspects that the move is just a change in tactics. Meanwhile, the Red Cross attempts to send help to the besieged city of Mariupol through a humanitarian corridor opened today.

Russia in retreat

After failing to capture the capital of Ukraine, the Russian forces are now withdrawing from areas of their Northern Front. Ukrainian leaders, however, say they are far from seeing this as a positive development.

Humanitarian corridors

Russian forces are to reopen an evacuation corridor from Mariupol, after Ukrainian officials accused them of confiscating 14 tons of aid. Meanwhile, a fire has broken out at a Russian fuel depot near the Ukrainian border.

Backdrop for peace talks

The Kremlin has said that an alleged Ukrainian strike against a fuel depot in the Russian city of Belgorod did not create “comfortable conditions” to continue peace talks with Kyiv. Ukraine hasn’t confirmed it was behind the attack.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister visiting Poland

Dmytro Kuleba, who is currently visiting Poland, spoke about the NATO peacekeeping mission that Poland had proposed to reporters gathered at the Ukrainian Embassy in Warsaw. Earlier, he met with the country’s top officials, including President Andrzej Duda.

British visas for Ukrainian refugees

The UK has been widely criticised for not letting enough Ukrainian refugees come into the country in comparison with other European states. The British government responded to the criticism by extending its family visa scheme to help more Ukrainians enter the country.

Punishing Russia

As a punishment for the war that Russia is waging in Ukraine, the US has announced new sanctions against Russia. Meanwhile, Europe is ignoring the demands of the Kremlin to pay for Russian gas in roubles.

Finland eyes NATO membership

The perception of a possible accession to NATO is shifting in Finland. While the Finns were historically unconvinced about their country joining the North Atlantic Alliance, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine seems to have changed the minds of many on the matter.

China-EU summit

Top Chinese officials have met with the European Union’s leadership in a virtual summit to discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The EU pressured China not to support Russia with equipment and funds, while Beijing stated that it would use its own means to achieve peace.

Election season

The political future of both Hungary and France will be decided very soon as the countries are holding their most important elections this month. Both Viktor Orban and Emmanuel Macron are hoping for re-elections, but recent developments such as the war in Ukraine may have shifted the political climate.

Baltics preparing for migration wave from Russia

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania may see large-scale immigration from Russia this year, as many Russians have fled Putin’s regime or are planning to do so. Considering an already large Russian minority in the Baltics, this may lead to more tensions – both internal and in relations with Russia.

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