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Ukraine can defend itself militarily, but also through sanctions: Polish party leader

Various geopolitical battles need to be set in motion in order for Russia to announce a definite ceasefire in Ukraine, said Jarosław Kaczyński, the head of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party in Poland.

“Ukraine can defend itself militarily, but here more determination from the West is needed. Ukraine can also be defended in the long run with sanctions, but only on the condition that they are really massive, powerful sanctions,” Mr Kaczyński, who is also a deputy Prime Minister told Polish Radio on Friday.

Asked whether there is a chance for further sanctions against Russia in the near future, Mr Kaczyński said that the country is now “focused on blocking the purchase of Russian oil and blocking ports for Russian ships”.

“The [Kremlin], of course, is doing everything to frighten public opinion in various countries. Here in Poland, unfortunately, the opposition is also helping them. However, this pressure is still a fact, and this is the greatest hope that certain things will have to be settled. And we are working in this direction,” Mr Kaczyński said.

He admitted that “of course, the effect is not certain”.

Mr Kaczyński noted that in recent days the Russian currency managed to recover after slumping on international Forex markets.

“We have such a situation that the ruble is already a more strongly positioned currency than it was before the war … For a while [the ruble] was falling, it was already 150 rubles per dollar, and at the moment it seems to be 82 [rubles per dollar].”

He said that this is “a simple phenomenon”, because Russians are “buying less, because there are various sanctions, but they continue to sell a lot and so the ruble strengthens, because they simply have a lot of money.”

The PiS leader said that if countries stopped purchasing fuels from Russia, the economic recovery could be reversed.

“If you cut off these largest sources of money, oil very quickly, and [over a longer timeframe] – because by its nature it cannot be as quickly – gas, coal, but also other commodities, then Russia will indeed find itself in a very difficult, one might say ‘forced’ situation.”

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