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World News 31.03: Aid to reach Mariupol, heavy shelling in eastern Ukraine

Russia gave its approval for a humanitarian convoy to reach the besieged city of Mariupol. New humanitarian corridors will be established. Heavy shelling is being reported in eastern Ukraine, while Russia appears to be shifting its focus to the Donbas region.

Humanitarian corridors in Ukraine

The Red Cross announced that Russia approved the access of a humanitarian convoy to the besieged city of Mariupol. Additionally, corridors from Melitopol and Eenerhodar were agreed upon. This decision had been highly anticipated as these cities have been experiencing a particularly dire humanitarian crisis.

Report from Ukraine

TVP World presents a report from the road to Kharkiv – the city which has been badly damaged – as humanitarian corridors are being set up.

36th day of war

Fighting continued on the 36th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The invaders have failed to make any significant progress and the Russian advance has halted in many areas. Heavy shelling is now reported in eastern Ukraine amid an apparent shift by Russia to redirect military efforts to the Donbas region.

Zelenskiy’s speech to the Dutch Parliament

On Thursday, the President of Ukraine gave a speech to members of the Dutch House of Representatives. He thanked the Dutch political leaders for supporting the Ukrainian cause and asked for further sanctions on Russia, which would help to put an end to its aggression.

Baltic air policing

The military contingents conducting the NATO Air Policing Mission in the Baltic states changed as Spain and the Czech Republic took over the mission with 13 fighter jets. The changeover ceremony took place at the Air Force Base in Lithuania.

The Three Seas Initiative’s response to the war

The countries of the Three Seas Initiative are shouldering responsibility for the support of NATO’s eastern flank. We will discuss their role in the war with international affairs expert Małgorzata Bonikowska.

Zbigniew Rau in Azerbaijan

Zbigniew Rau, Polish Foreign Affairs Minister and the current OSCE Chairman-in-Office has visited Georgia and Azerbaijan for meetings with high-level officials. Tomorrow he is to make an official visit to Armenia.

UK Foreign Secretary visits India

British Foreign Minister Liz Truss visited India as part of a “wider diplomatic push” on the war in Ukraine. Her trip coincides with the Russian Foreign Minister’s two-day visit to the country.

Oil prices down

The Biden administration is reportedly considering releasing up to 180 million barrels of oil over several months from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, as the White House tries to lower fuel prices.

French intelligence head steps down

According to reports published by the French media, the head of the country’s military intelligence agency quit over the failure to predict the war in Ukraine. An internal email announcing his departure was leaked to the press.

The Wiktor awards

Today, a Polish television academy gala is taking place in Warsaw’s city centre. The Wiktor awards are given out in 12 different categories.

Helping Ukrainian children

So far 2.4 million Ukrainian refugees have come to Poland since February 24. Among them are also children who require psychiatric help. The Masovian Neuropsychiatric Centre provides support for them. Today, children receiving help at the centre in Warsaw were visited by a special guest – Miss Universe.

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