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Ukrainian counter-intelligence: “World’s first cyber warfare”

Ukraine and Russia are fighting the World’s first-ever cyberwarfare, said the head of the Ukrainian State Special Communication and Information Defence Service.

During an online conference at the Lviv press information centre, the head of the Ukrainian State Special Communication and Information Defence Service said that at no time in history, had cyberspace been used so extensively to conduct warfare. He added that while most Kremlin’s hacker activity is focused on military infrastructure, some attacks are conducted against civilian telecommunication companies, but that they also are well-capable of defending themselves against cyberattacks. He thanked the people who are working to maintain IT infrastructure and mentioned that five of the members of the Service have perished on duty so far.

He also said that companies such as Microsoft and Oracle had supported Ukraine in combating Russian cyberattacks against its telecommunications infrastructure, and he thanked Elon Musk for providing Ukraine with Starlink, which allows for the safe encryption of Ukrainian digital signals.

What followed was a briefing by Oleksandr Koruzny from the press office of the Ukrainian security service, who spoke, among other things, of the damages done during Saturday’s attack against a fuel depot in Lviv.

The incoming attack was discovered at 4.30 p.m. local time. In spite of Ukrainian defenders’ anti-aircraft forces, some of the rockets managed to hit the fuel tanks. First responders arrived around 5 p.m. and managed to bring the conflagration under control an hour later.

Mr Koruzny refused to reveal the extent of damages on account of military secrecy.

He did, however, stress that the fuel depot was located close to residential areas, something that “the enemy does not at all care about.”

He also dispelled rumours that fires in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone have resulted in increased radiation.

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