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Putin can never act in such aggressive way again: UK Foreign Secretary

“We need to ensure that Putin can never act in this aggressive way again,” said Secretary Truss in her address to the British House of Common on March 28.

She also said that “Any long term settlement needs to include a clear sanctions snapback, which would be triggered automatically by any Russian aggression.” Secretary Truss stressed that ” the uneasy settlement of 2014 […] failed to give Ukraine lasting security. Putin just came back for more. That is why we cannot allow him to win from this appalling aggression.

Ms Truss said that the UK must not “[sell] Ukraine out, or [repeat] the mistakes of the past,” and that Boris Johnson’s cabinet is determined to bring Putin and his regime to the International Criminal Court to be held accountable for starting an aggressive war against Ukraine.

On the same day, PM Johnson held phone talks with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, followed by a conversation with Polish President Andrzej Duda. In both cases, the PM expressed Her Majesty’s Government’s unwavering support for Ukraine and the British administration’s intention to continue applying economic pressure on Russia.

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