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People are dying of starvation: Mariupol City Council

The Mariupol City Council in Ukraine claim that an increasing number of residents are dying of starvation. The city is still being shelled and blocked by Russian forces.

The City Council has appealed for aid as “more and more people have no food supplies”.

“The cases of starvation are on the rise. All attempts to launch a large-scale humanitarian operation to save the people of Mariupol have been blocked by the Russian side. Because the occupiers are not interested in people and their destinies,” reads the statement of the City Council.

It pointed out that while mass evacuation is not possible there are thousands of examples of mutual assistance. Many volunteers help to take Mariupol residents out of the city and away from active hostilities.

The City Council thanked residents of other Ukrainian and European cities, who accepted refugees from Mariupol.

“We have come to the wall. Tougher sanctions are needed, as well as closed skies, planes, tanks from Ukraine’s allies and diplomatic efforts to save hundreds of thousands of people in Mariupol. Save all other cities of our country from the terrible fate of Mariupol. We beg for help!” reads the City Council’s appeal published on online platform Telegram.

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