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Duda-Biden talks to cover support for Ukraine says Duda’s aide


The topics of Warsaw talks between the presidents of Poland, Andrzej Duda, and the US, Joe Biden, will include the ways both countries can support the Ukrainian nation in a responsible manner, Duda’s chief foreign policy aide has said.

Biden will visit Poland on Friday and will meet his Polish counterpart the next day, to discuss the humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Jakub Kumoch, the head of the presidential International Policy Bureau, told reporters on Wednesday that the talks between the two presidents will concern the future of bilateral relations, the US military presence in Poland, the situation in in Ukraine, “and how Poland and the United States can support the Ukrainian nation in its righteous fight for independence in a courageous and responsible but also realistic manner.”

Asked whether there will be talk of increasing the number of US troops in Poland, Kumoch said that “Poland’s expectations and requests towards allies and demands have been very clearly formulated.”

He also stressed that Poland has a good expertise and understanding of Ukrainian expectations. “I am convinced that this visit is connected with… the very idea that President Biden should learn first-hand about the situation in a country that is very close to the hostilities,” Kumoch added.

Kumoch said that Biden’s visit to Poland had been preceded by a series of regional meetings by Duda “because Poland is the largest country of the Bucharest Nine, and at the same time one of the most influential and active Nato countries.

“All this was aimed at working out specific details for the conversation with President Biden, to be able to convey the expectations of individual states,” Kumoch said.

He also noted that Biden’s visit to Poland will be preceded by Thursday’s extraordinary Nato summit, attended by Duda.

According to Kumoch, Duda, during his speech at the Nato forum, will “talk about our expectations towards the Alliance in the context of the war in Ukraine.”

“Developing a unified response is a key challenge for the Alliance. Poland expects exactly what the president said, that is not a temporary, limited presence, but full defence of Nato territory, full presence throughout the territory,” he added.

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