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Poland will continue to spend more on defence says president


Polish defence spending will continue to increase, President Andrzej Duda said on Tuesday.

Duda made the statement after a meeting with his Bulgarian counterpart, Rumen Radev, in Sofia on Tuesday.

“Poland plans to increase its defence spending from 2.5 percent of GDP to 3 percent next year,” Duda said, adding that Poland also wanted to enlarge its professional army to 250,000 and its Territorial Defence Forces to 50,000 in the coming years.

The Polish president added that it would be possible owing to the passage of a Homeland Defence bill, which, due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, had been approved nearly unanimously by the Polish parliament.

“I am really proud of the Polish political class which has managed to adopt such a position on this extremely important problem,” Duda said.

Duda also said that Poland and Bulgaria must free themselves from Russia’s dominance over supplies of crude oil and gas. “This is also a huge task for the entire European Union.”

Diversification away from Russian sources, Duda said, would give each country the choice as to who supplied them with energy resources.

“Russia has now been showing what Russian terror means, but it has already shown what energy blackmail meant,” the Polish president went on to say. 

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