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We need to stop Russia ‘once and for all’: Polish PM

The Russian war in Ukraine, the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Europe and the decline in reputation of the Kremlin in international minds were the topics covered in an interview published on Sunday by the Italian daily Il Messaggero with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawecki.

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that it is necessary to “stop Russia once and for all”. He added that the power of President Vladimir Putin is “a myth that is falling before our eyes”.

The Polish PM said that “Poles have opened their hearts to people fleeing war-torn Ukraine” and welcomed them into their homes.

“My compatriots prove that solidarity always wins over violence. Putin wanted to divide Europe. And thanks to such gestures, Europe is more united than ever.”

The Prime Minister said that a long-term aid programme was also being prepared.

He pointed out that Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries neighbouring Ukraine have already done a lot.

“This is our responsibility and we take it on our shoulders. But in the future the number of war refugees may even exceed five million,” he warned.

“And while Poland will not lack the will, at some point we will lack the capacity to help everyone. We will need both financial support and greater European openness to refugees.”

We fight for Poland when we help Ukraine: Polish PM

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He reminded politicians in the EU that Ukraine is “fighting not only for its independence”, but also for the security of the whole of Europe.

According to the Prime Minister, if sanctions are strong enough, “they should stop Russia”, because “sooner or later it will no longer have the means to finance its criminal actions”.

“And Europe must do everything to make this happen as soon as possible. Even at the cost of our standard of living being slightly lower than usual. This is about saving the lives of innocent people, which is [breaking off our] gas, oil and coal supplies from Russia is necessary,” he said.

“We do not trade with tyrants. And it is the trade in raw materials that continues to keep the Russian dictatorship alive.”

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