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62 pct of Poles positively assess govt’s attitude towards RU-UA conflict: survey

A total of 62 percent of respondents positively assess the attitude of the Polish government in the face of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, according to the Social Changes survey conducted for the website. Approximately 16 percent of those surveyed hold the opposite view.

As the website emphasised, two-thirds of the voters of the Civic Coalition (KO) and Poland 2050, Poland’s largest opposition bloc and opposition party respectively expressed their satisfaction with the government’s actions on the matter.

Moreover, the policy of President Andrzej Duda is positively assessed by 62 percent of Poles with 14 percent of them disagreeing.

The website also emphasised that the “relatively calm” behaviour of opposition parties was also appreciated by respondents, pointing out that 53 percent of them gave those parties a “very good or good score.”

Polish hospital train to bring more Ukrainian refugees in

Meanwhile, the Polish deputy Health Minister announced on Wednesday, “Poland will send a hospital train on further trips in the coming days to transport children and pregnant women from Ukraine.”

Waldemar Kraska pointed out that the initial purpose of establishing the train was to help those wounded in Ukraine and bring them to Poland for medical assistance, adding that on its first trip it also transported mothers with children from Ukraine.

“We are also planning further departures of this train in the coming days. We will be focusing mainly on children and pregnant women,” the official announced.

According to the head of the United Nations refugee agency, a million people have fled Ukraine in a week after Russia invaded the country.

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