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We will continue to support Ukraine say Polish and British PMs

Jakub Kaczmarczyk/PAP

Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister, has said after talks with his British counterpart that sanctions on Russia and the strengthening of Nato’s eastern flank are top priorities.

“We want to manifest our solidarity with the Ukrainian people, with President Volodymyr Zelensky,” Morawiecki said after a meeting with Boris Johnson in Warsaw on Tuesday.

“With our other friends and allies we will continue to support our Ukrainian friends and we will continue to do that as long as it takes,” Johnson added.

“They have been fighting there for Ukraine’s freedom and independence, and we have been performing our humanitarian duties, our obligations on the Polish-Ukrainian border,” the Polish prime minister said.

Morawiecki added that the most important thing was to ensure security, and appealed to the Russian side to stop fighting and to cease its aggression on Ukraine in order to start a peace conference.

He repeated that Russian troops should return home and let Ukraine remain a safe country as this was the only chance to return to peace, to a normal time, when countries could cooperate with each other.

“A package of sanctions on the one hand, and the strengthening of Nato’s eastern flank on the other is what we need today and what we are focusing on,” the Polish prime minister said.

The British prime minister told reporters that Poland was in the lead as far as assistance offered to Ukraine was concerned, and added that the Polish government and Poles were doing an absolutely magnificent job, which was both an inspiration and humanitarian assistance.

“One way or another I am absolutely convinced that as this conflict progresses Putin will fail and I believe Putin must fail and I believe that we will succeed in protecting and preserving a sovereign and independent Ukraine, and this is our joint objective,” he added.

The British prime minister also said Britain was ready to accept a considerable number of Ukrainian refugees.

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