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Russian invasion of Ukraine would stop NS2: German ambassador

“We are preparing a package of drastic economic, financial and personal sanctions with our partners… Nord Stream 2 will be part of this package,” Arndt Freytag von Loringhoven, German ambassador to Poland, announced, referring to the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. He assured that Germany was committed to supporting Kyiv.

NS2 shall be stopped if Russia attacks Ukraine: German Vice-chancellor

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The diplomat gave an interview to the Polish daily “Rzeczpospolita.”

He emphasised that “we are making great efforts to prevent an invasion and upholding the unity and solidarity of the West.”

“On the one hand, a tough attitude towards Russian aggression, on the other – a dialogue with Moscow,” he pointed out.

“I cannot imagine NS2 operating after Russia attacks Ukraine”

When asked whether the gas pipeline would be closed even in the event of a limited attack by Russia on Ukraine, the German ambassador replied that he did not want to speculate on the scale of the invasion.

“It is risky. Please note that [Vladimir] Putin does not tell us what he is going to do. We are only seeing a huge concentration of Russian troops around Ukraine. But what it is supposed to achieve, we do not know. Therefore, we should not be precise as to what our reaction will be. Let the Kremlin remain in suspense as well,” Mr Freytag von Loringhoven explained.

“We only make an exception with regard to Nord Stream 2. For Poland and other countries it is of particular importance,” he added.

When asked if a decision to include Nord Stream 2 in the sanctions package was taken, the gas pipeline would be closed forever, the ambassador said that “he cannot imagine gas flowing through NS2 after Russia attacks Ukraine.”

“The new German government makes it clear that this gas pipeline can only function on the basis of EU regulations,” he stressed.

Polish PM calls for suspension of NS2 launch

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About Nord Stream 2

Nord Stream 2 is a 1,200 km-long, two-strand pipeline that begins in the Russian coastal settlement of Ust-Luga, 110 km west of Saint Petersburg, runs along the seabed of the Baltic and terminates at the German town of Greifswald.

Poland and several other European countries consider the pipeline a political project intended to weaken Ukraine as it bypasses the country. They also perceive it as a tool to gain leverage over Europe by making it more dependent on Russian gas.

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