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World News 19.01: Shadow of war over Europe, Biden’s first year in White House

In this episode of World News, we take a closer look at the menace of war looming over Europe, Russia-led contingent — the so-called “peacekeepers” — pulling out from Kazakhstan’s territory, Joe Biden’s first year in the White House, the latest developments on the diplomatic line between Germany and Russia, and more.

While Eastern Europe is mired in a crisis caused by the deployment of thousands of Russian soldiers to Ukraine’s border, Germany has emphasised the importance of good relations with Moscow. Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock declared that there was no alternative to stable relations between Germany and Russia.

As Germany and Russia embrace the stability of their relations, Western governments and media are becoming increasingly concerned about the possibility of war being imminent in Europe. While Ukraine has been preparing its army for a confrontation and Americans support their government’s military involvement in Europe, Russia has been bracing its economy against sanctions.

Meanwhile, Kazakhstan announced a full withdrawal of the Russia-led contingent — the so-called “peacekeepers” — from its territory. Two weeks after the biggest unrest in the history of the post-Soviet Republic, the state of emergency has been lifted, and life seems to slowly return to normalcy. In this new reality with Kazakhstan’s image of stability compromised the attention of potential investors might abate as well.

US president Joe Biden could be more and more anxious about opinion polls, as the support for the current American leader dwindles. As analysts look back at the past year of Biden’s term of office, several major issues come to mind, namely the hasty withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the uncertain approach to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Watch the entire episode to get an insight on the former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko’s trial for treason, the aftermath of the Polish-Czech negotiations on Turów lignite mine, the preparations of the 2022 winter Olympics in China, Beijing, and the European Parliament’s not just the newest but also youngest president in history, Roberta Metsola.

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