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EU COVID-19 certificates valid 270 days starting February

“From February 1, 2022, EU COVID-19 certificates (UCC), issued after following vaccination in the basic schedule and after the booster shot will be shortened to 270 days,” the Health Ministry announced in a press release.

The changes also apply to the booster shot for the purpose of improvement, consolidation, and contraception protection after vaccination, as well as an additional supplemental dose after 28 days are seen in immunocompromised patients who have an immune response to vaccination may not be enough.

The new guidelines have been prepared based on the suggestions of the Medical Council.

From December 31, 2021 the process of issuing UCC for a period of 360 has begun
days from the date of the supplemental dose complementary.

The Ministry recalled that the purpose of the introduction of the EU COVID-19 certificates are to facilitate free movement within the European Union.

The certificate can be downloaded after logging in to the Patient Internet Account (IKP) or in the “M Obywatel” app.

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