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United States blacklists Chinese companies over human rights abuse

The United States Treasury Department blacklisted eight Chinese technological and surveillance companies over human rights abuse. US citizens will no longer be able to invest in Chinese companies that have been accused of involvement in the persecution of Xinjiang Muslims. The move comes during a period of tension between China and the West.

Among these companies is DJI, the world’s largest commercial drone manufacturer. The US blamed DJI and the other companies of biometric surveillance and tracking of the Uyghurs, China’s Muslim minority.

China has requested that the United States rectify its decision concerning the blacklisted companies.

“US actions have seriously undermined the principles of market economy and international economic and trade rules, seriously harming the interests of Chinese organisations and companies. Beijing is strongly dissatisfied and resolutely opposes the actions. We urge the United States to immediately rectify its mistaken ways,” Wang Wenbin, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman said.

The blacklisting of the Chinese companies is another step in the ongoing rise of tensions between China and the West. Relations have recently been deteriorating in areas of economy and diplomacy.

On Wednesday, Lithuanian diplomats left China following the souring of relations between the two countries over Vilnius deepening ties with Taiwan.

Simultaneously, China has been tightening relations with Russia and has supported Russian demands concerning security guarantees from NATO.

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