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COVID-19: Poland sends 300,000 doses of vaccine to Ukraine

Poland has sent 300,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to Ukraine. “This is further support that we are giving our eastern neighbour,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Wednesday.

According to the foreign ministry, since September, Ukraine has been struggling with a sharp growth in the infection rate with a record total of 848,000 deaths having been registered on November 10.

The ministry also said that only 25 percent of the Ukrainian population is currently fully vaccinated against the disease.

“The aid granted by Poland is not the first gesture of solidarity in the pandemic,” the ministry wrote. “Since its start in 2020, Poland has given Ukraine aid in fighting the coronavirus in the form of delivering specialist equipment, personal protective gear and developing online services.”

The ministry also pointed out that the first free batch of vaccines was sent in August this year. Ukraine is not just an important foreign partner to Poland, but is also the biggest beneficiary of Polish development cooperation.

Aid is also given to people harmed as a result of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, especially in the form of social and medical care, the ministry wrote. Activities have also been undertaken to enable the development of Ukrainian micro- and small businesses, particularly for companies just starting out.

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