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Petr Fiala appointed Czech Prime Minister

Czech President Miloš Zeman appointed Petr Fiala as Prime Minister of the Czech government on Sunday. The ceremony was held at the Castle in Lany with the observance of extraordinary epidemic safety measures.

Due to the epidemic situation and the sanitary regulations in force in the Czech Republic, the president was separated from the other participants of the ceremony with a special glass curtain. After the rota of the oath was read by the head of the presidential office, Vratislav Mynarz Fial, he would take the oath and sign the decree, signed by Mr Zeman yesterday.

The document was later disinfected and prepared for signature by the Prime Minister.

Fiala will lead the center-right government of five parties, which have a majority of 108 seats in the 200-seat Chamber of Deputies.

The president declared that he wanted to quickly appoint a new cabinet, but at the same time announced that he would want to talk to all the candidates for ministers. According to the president, these meetings should end on December 13 this year.

With the appointment of Mr Fiala as Prime Minister, there are two prime ministers in the country. Andrej Babiš continues to lead the outgoing government, which will end its mission once the president appoints a new government.

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