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Environmental engineering and energy efficiency

Blue Boson's 25 years of environmental technology research and development, as well as global experience, show how to effectively bridge the worlds of environmental engineering with energy efficiency.
Blue Boson

For the first time in human history, the environment is becoming a higher priority for the society, than the economy.

The current policy of the European Union, which must address an energy crisis of unprecedented proportions, is a prime example of such an approach in action. But can we reconcile these two crucial aspects of our lives?

Blue Boson’s 25 years of environmental technology research and development, as well as global experience, show how to effectively bridge the worlds of environmental engineering with energy efficiency.

Despite the fact that innovation is growing at a hyperbolic rate, and the pace at which new solutions are implemented in industrial production is reminiscent of a different era, some entrepreneurs understand the need for change and steer their efforts in that direction.

Businesses which have taken such an approach include: Dear Wise Earth Costa Rica SRL, Evertis Ibérica SA and Selenis Portugal SA, companies that are part of the IMG Group, and the Polish Zespół Elektrowni Pątnów-Adamów-Konin SA.

These companies are showing the world how to address the global challenge of climate change. In fact, they joined forces with Blue Boson and developed solutions that were discussed at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow on October 31, 2021.

Blue Boson focuses on increasing environmental defenses and energy efficiency by utilizing quantum physics in processing of gases, fuels and liquids: including chemically-free water. The result is not only double-digit saving energy consumption, but also a revolution in environmental protection.

Through environmental engineering that utilizes its flagship Blue Boson Effector® technology, the IMG Group has successfully implemented the first company-wide project to increase the efficiency of its cooling and steam circuits.

The technology has been operational since May 2021, and generated saving of 50,010 Nm3 in natural gas at its industrial facilities in Portugal, over the first 3 months. This represents almost 7% reduction in average annual natural gas consumption. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions have decreased by 108 tons during this period.

The companies have agreed to further develop their partnership by implementing the solution across all process circuits at their industrial facilities in Portugal, all of Europe, as well as North and South America.

By working together, the companies are looking to improve the environmental footprint of the IMG Group to the point, where they can actually contribute to the restoration of the environment and the rebuilding of the ecosystems in which they operate. In perfect symbiosis with nature, they want to deliver products at the lowest possible environmental cost in terms of CO₂ emissions, energy consumption and water footprint.

Man-made climate change have had catastrophic effects on our planet. Energy is the backbone of the global economy. Both, fuels and energy, are used in electricity generation, heating and cooling, as well as industrial production processes. The way energy is produced and used has a major impact on environmental protection, health, and safety of the population.

Blue Boson’s environmental engineering helps businesses involved in industrial production to understand the environmental impact of processes and products. It also guides the companies through the transition period: by helping them to regenerate and begin playing part in restoring environmental balance and enhancing biodiversity – all of this on top of increasing efficiency.

At the heart of Blue Boson® is Robert Zagozdzon, who has been increasing competition on European markets – from telecommunications and finance to energy – since 1995. Next came global revolution in environmental efficiency, involving everything from water resource regeneration to energy efficiency.

It is in this atmosphere of creativity, innovation and an open-minded approach to business, that Blue Boson was born. Thanks to research and implementations conducted in cooperation with numerous customers in the EU, international auditors such as Engie and Universities in Europe, as well as Japan’s Kobe University – a wide range of applications has been developed.

By partnering with Blue Boson, the industry can make a significant contribution to shaping a better world by focusing on the idea of “Cleansing the Planet,” that was so widely discussed at the Climate Summit.

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