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Former EC President Tusk loses driver’s licence for speeding

The current leader of the Civic Platform (PO), Poland’s largest opposition party, and the former President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, was stopped by police for speeding in a residential area, in a village of Wiśniewo, near Mława, in central Poland.

According to media reports, Mr Tusk was driving 107 km/h in an area where the speed limit was 50 km/h. He was fined PLN 500 (EUR 107) – the highest fine for speeding in Poland.

According to media reports, the police have also withheld Donal Tusk driver’s licence for the period of three months.

“Shortly before 11:00 am, in a municipality of Wiśniewo (near Mława), police stopped a 64-year old driver of a Škoda, who exceeded a speed limit in a residential area by over 50 km/h. His driver’s licence has been withheld and he was fined,” said the spokeswoman of the Regional Police Command in Mława, staff aspirant Anna Pawłowska.

TVP Info news portal established that Donald Tusk was stopped as a result of routine police speed monitoring in an area of Wiśniewo, which is known for frequent speeding violations.

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