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Majority of professionals and managers expect option of remote work: report

52 percent of professionals and managers expect to be offered the chance to still be able to work remotely three days a week or more once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, according to the “Flexibility of Professionals and Managers in Times of Change” report, conducted by Antal and Cushman & Wakefield.

Currently, one in three respondents do not have the possibility to work remotely. 41 percent of the respondents do not attend the office at all, and almost a third of professionals returned to work in the hybrid model, combining work at the office and remotely. Almost a third of respondents would like to work completely remotely and only occasionally perform their duties at the office.

88 percent of professionals and managers believe that employers should offer more remote work opportunities, and 86 percent think that offices should be more flexible and provide quick changes regarding the place of work, depending on the tasks performed.

According to the study, over 30 percent of respondents believe that they are working more than before the pandemic and have difficulty distinguishing between work and leisure time. However, more than half of them believe that they work as much as usual.

The report also indicated that remote work divides corporate managers and employees into two groups. One side argues that working remotely is more efficient. The other side believes that the real job can only be done in the office.

The vast majority of specialists and managers would not accept a salary reduction in exchange for increasing the possibility of remote work (78 percent). However, the report noted that every 10th respondent would like to work more from home if it meant a salary reduction.

The head of the board of Antala, Artur Skiba, pointed out that “we have entered, in a sense, an exceptional time, when we can decide for the first time about the style of work depending on its specificity or specific tasks to be performed”.

He added that “employers who want to retain the best people now and in the future, will have to put the concept of flexible work first and build the company’s operating strategy around it”.

The Antal and Cushman & Wakefield “Flexibility of Professionals and Managers in Times of Change” was carried out in Q2 of 2021 using the CAWI method on a sample of 1,384 professionals and managers.

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