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International ‘Heart of Europe’ TV festival to kick off on Wednesday

The Polish public broadcaster TVP announced a new event for the European television industry – the International TV Festival: Heart of Europe. As the event’s organiser emphasised, it is the first festival of television production dedicated to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The festival is set to kick off on Wednesday and last until November 30.

According to the TVP, the Festival “aims to promote and activate the region’s television creativity and popularise public media and strengthen their role in Europe’s media landscape.” Broadcasters and authors from over a dozen countries in the region of Central and Eastern Europe were invited to participate.

As the organiser pointed out, “all these countries, although diverse and multicultural, share a common identity.”

“It consists of similar historical experiences, similar sensitivity, courage and spirit − those features that are most clearly visible in art, especially in the field of film and television creativity,” it was stated.

As the TVP announced, each broadcaster may submit any number of programmes to the Festival in the six categories: Feature film, Feature series, Documentary, Entertainment, Children and youth and Digital.

The Festival’s first edition will be held in the hybrid model between November 3 and 30, 2021, in Warsaw. Cinema and online screenings of the nominated programmes and accompanying events will take place as part of the first edition festival.

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