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EUR 333 mln in support for households amid rising energy prices: Climate Min

The government is planning to introduce solutions regarding the rise of energy costs in Europe. “The solutions we propose amount to PLN 1.5 billion (EUR 333 mln). They will cover almost every 5th household in Poland,” Climate and Environment Minister, Michał Kurtyka said during a radio broadcast.

“It is very important to us to take special care of those households that are in a particularly difficult income situation,” the minister emphasised, referring to retirees, pensioners and large families. He added that the government wants “social groups, which are in a situation where energy costs are a significant share of their household budgets, to be able to benefit from these solutions”.

The head of the Climate and Environment ministry stressed that part of the proposals would involve non-financial solutions. He explained that they would offer special protection for consumers during the winter period when electricity could not be turned off. Support is also foreseen for energy sellers so that they can spread customer debt over time.

“These are solutions that should reach the lower house of parliament (Sejm) and Poles as soon as possible; therefore I want it to be processed quickly so that such support for a vulnerable recipient could reach Polish families as soon as possible,” Mr Kurtyka said.

He also talked about the causes for the rise in energy costs. He pointed out that they were related to geopolitical issues. The minister sees the dependence on Russia regarding natural gas as one of the main reasons for the crisis. “We do not agree for the Nord Stream 2; we believe that it is a gas pipeline that will be used by the Russian Federation and Gazprom to blackmail Europe,” the head of the Climate and Environment ministry concluded.

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