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Europe struck by Russia-evoked gas crisis

Lower Silesia is one of the regions where its residents could personally experience the hike in gas prices. The inhabitants of Czernica municipality, to whom gas is sold by a German company, received bills higher by over two hundred percent.

Germany wants to sell Russian gas to European countries, hence the joint construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. In recent weeks, Russians pumped less gas to Europe and thus artificially increased its price throughout the European Union, using this raw material as leverage in relation to individual countries.

Higher gas prices automatically mean higher prices for oil and other fuels, which are often alternatives to gas. Refuelling throughout the EU has become more expensive.

Despite rapidly growing prices, Poland belongs to the group of three countries with the lowest fuel costs. The only two places to refuel in for less are Bulgaria and Romania. PKN Orlen decided to reduce its margins to slightly slow down the price increase.

The current fuel crisis is less noticeable to consumers than previous ones because wages have been growing dynamically in Poland in recent years.

Oil prices could fall if producers increase oil production. But Russia has refused to agree to this recently. Perhaps this is how Russia wants to force Europe to permit the launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

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