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Nord Stream 2 critiques were right about Russia’s ulterior blackmail: Die Welt

“Moscow has been making it ever-more clear that it could solve Europe’s gas dilemmas if only the EU changed its foreign policy towards it. Behold a sort of blackmail that the Nord Stream 2 [gas pipeline] critiques have been warning against,” wrote Clemens Wergin of Germany’s “Die Welt” daily.

“The EU loves to dream about being the force that puts things in order, at least in its own environment. Instead, we are witnesses to how Moscow continues to blatantly violate international law and threaten the peaceful order in Europe. All the while, shortly before the first winter frost, [Russia] is showing us our own helplessness and dependency on Russian energy supplies,” writes Mr Wergin.

The journalist went on to suggest that there were many reasons behind the current high gas prices but “they also result from Russian policy of deficits.”

Initial talks between the Social Democratic Party (SDP), the Greens and the FDP liberals are ongoing in Germany. The topic — potentially forming a ruling coalition.

It is in this context that Mr Wergin noted that “aside from the Left, it is the SPD that enjoys having the most outspoken proponents of Moscow within its ranks.” It is high time that “the social democrats take a more critical stance on Moscow and focus more on the interests of Eastern European states located between Berlin and Moscow,” he wrote.

According to the author, “the Greens, but also many FDP members, demonstrate a much clearer take on the neo-imperial policy of Vladimir Putin than the social democrats do.”

That is why, “when at the negotiating table, the Greens and FDP should convince Olaf Scholz, SPD’s chancellor hopeful, to put an end to the policy of fawning upon Moscow and thus free himself from the influence of former social democratic chancellor Gerhard Schröder whose pro-Putin lobbying policy discredits not just the SPD but entire Germany.”

The journalist concluded by writing that it was shameful that “Schröderisation” became a bon mot in the European policy “to describe how authoritarian regimes are buying in our democracies.”

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