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Polexit a “myth” spread by opposition says PM

Piotr Polak/PAP

The possibility of Poland leaving the EU is a “myth” spread by the opposition, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote on Twitter on Sunday evening.

Morawiecki’s tweet came after an estimated 100,000 people packed into a central square in Warsaw to protest against a ruling by the Polish constitutional court which declared the Polish constitution has supremacy over EU law.

The ruling, which challenged a central tenet of EU membership, fuelled fears that the government is intent on taking Poland out of the EU.

The EU also responded by voicing its “deep concern” over the ruling.

But in an effort to placate fears of Polexit, Morawiecki wrote: “Polexit is fake news. A harmful myth, with which the opposition is trying to hide its lack of any ideas for a fitting European position for Poland.”

He added that the Polexit rumours showed that the opposition was “feeding itself with illusions rather than facts,” and he assured readers that EU law will remain binding in Poland.

Referring to the constitutional court verdict, Morawiecki said that similar rulings had been issued in several EU countries, whose courts all stated that EU bodies sometimes overstepped their powers.

“Rulings like this have been issued in France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain and Romania. In them, it was stated that EU institutions overstep the powers granted to them in EU treaties in some of their undertakings,” Morawiecki wrote.

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