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Hungarian govt welcomes Polish Constitutional Tribunal decision

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban signed a resolution on Saturday, according to which the Hungarian government welcomes the decision of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal regarding the relationship between EU law and national law, the spokesman for the Prime Minister, Bertalan Havasi said.

The resolution emphasised that the decision of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal was caused by the bad practice of European Union institutions, which do not take into account the principle of conferral of competences and, without changing the treaties, try to stealthily expand their powers to deprive member states of competences that they have never transferred to the European Union.

“The supremacy of EU law is valid only in those spheres in which the European Union has powers, and their framework is determined by the EU’s basic treaties,” the decision noted.

The Hungarian government stressed that EU institutions are obliged to respect the national identity of member states, which is an integral part of their basic political and constitutional system. It also emphasised that, apart from EU institutions, authorities enforcing the law, in particular constitutional tribunals and courts, have the right to examine the limitations of the competences of the European Union.

The resolution asks the institutions of the European Union to respect the sovereignty of member states in their activities.

On Thursday, the Constitutional Court, after examining the application of the Prime Minister Morawiecki, ruled that European regulations in the scope in which the organs of the European Union operate outside the limits of powers conferred by Poland, being inconsistent with the constitution.

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