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We share historical element with Italy: Def Min

“We share a strong historical element with Italy, but we also cooperate today – here and now,” Mariusz Błaszczak, head of the Ministry of National Defense, emphasised on Monday after the meeting with Lorenzo Guerini, his Italian counterpart.

“During our conversation, I pointed out the solidarity shown to us by the Italian partner when it comes to historical memory, because both the Monte Casino cemetery and other places where soldiers from the 2nd Corps are buried are sacred places for Poles,” Mr Błaszczak reported.

The minister also touched upon the topic of NATO.

“We are sensitive to everything that is happening around the Alliance. Of course, the first challenge for us is NATO’s eastern flank, but the Polish army is also present on the southern flank. Of course, due to its geographic location, Italy is particularly concerned with threats from the south,” Mariusz Błaszczak pointed out.

As the minister emphasised, Poland and Italy support each other in solidarity, and the armies of both countries are stationed in many countries and exercise together.

The head of the Ministry of National Defense also thanked his Italian counterpart for jointly taking up challenges and looking for solutions.

“There are many projects ahead of us. It can be summed up that we are stronger together,” he concluded.

The Italian Minister of Defense stressed that Poland and Italy “share the roots of historical cooperation.”

“I think that we can reap the fruits of this cooperation today as well. And it is really happening – Poland and Italy cooperate in various formats and various organisations,” he said.

Mr Guerini stressed that “wherever Polish soldiers operate, their highest professionalism, skills and great dedication should be appreciated” and assessed that “the level of operational cooperation between our troops is also very high.”

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