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Poland waiting for Czech move in negotiations over Turów: Climate Min

On Monday, we presented a proposal to resolve the dispute over the Turów mine and now it is the Czech turn to make a move, said the Climate Minister Michał Kurtyka on Tuesday. The talks are to continue on Wednesday in Prague.

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At Tuesday’s press conference, the head of the Climate Ministry did not reveal what the Polish proposal for the Czechs regarding Turów included in particular.

He stressed that the government’s intention is that the Polish-Czech agreement regarding Turów should be concluded as soon as possible, which is in the interest of the inhabitants on both sides of the border. The minister stressed that Poland expected the negotiations to be accelerated. At the same time, Mr Kurtyka admitted that it was hard to estimate the dynamics of the talks, taking into consideration the upcoming parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic.

According to the Minister, the agreement developed so far is “mature” and contains elements of expertise, as well as legal and treaty issues. He also said that Poland presented its additional arguments after the failure of the unit at the Jaworzno power plant in the southern part of the country, but so far the Czechs have not commented on it.

Furthermore, Michał Kurtyka assured that the Polish government would use all legal arguments, pointing out that the penalties imposed by the CJEU were “disproportionate and inadequate.”

At the end of February, the Czech Republic filed a complaint against Poland regarding the expansion of the Turów lignite mine to the CJEU, together with a request for applying interim measures, that is, the suspension of mining.

In May, the CJEU ordered Poland to suspend production until the case was resolved on the merits. When Poland did not comply with the decision, the Czech Republic asked for a fine to be imposed.

The CJEU decided on Monday that Poland is to pay a daily penalty of EUR 500,000 to the European Commission for not implementing interim measures and not stopping lignite mining at the Turów mine. In response, PM Mateusz Morawiecki stated that Poland would not close the facility.

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