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Ruling party leads support poll but no new voters

Mateusz Marek/PAP

Law and Justice (PiS), the dominant party in Poland’s ruling coalition government, remains the most popular party, according to an IBRiS opinion poll.

The poll, published in the Rzeczpospolita newspaper on Tuesday, found that 34 percent of Poles would vote for PiS in an election.

Civic Coalition, the main opposition grouping, came in second place with 23 percent, and Poland 2050 third with 12 percent.

The Left would get 7 percent, the far-right Confederation 6 percent, while 5 percent would vote for the Polish People’s Party (PSL)-Polish Coalition grouping.

Thirteen percent said they did not know which political group to support.

In a commentary to the survey, Rzeczpospolita noted that the support levels for the parties were largely unchanged from a previous poll.

The paper also suggested that PiS was failing to broaden its voter base, and that its tough line on the apparent migration crisis on Poland’s border with Belarus was failing to generate much support.

The paper also said that interest in events on the Belarusian border had waned further after the government closed the area to the media.

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