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Polish president appears on Fox News

Artur Reszko/PAP

Andrzej Duda, the Polish president, made a prime-time appearance on the Fox News television channel for an interview with conservative star Tucker Carlson.

The interview with Carlson, a popular host who has sometimes attracted controversy, was broadcast on Monday night in the US.

Describing himself as a “conservative” Duda said that he wanted to push a “resolute and vast pro-family action” adding that he regarded families as the “foundation of the nation”.

The interview also covered migration with Duda saying Poland had opposed the EU’s plans in 2015 to distribute refugees across member nations since it did not want them to be brought “by force”.

“We did not agree back then in 2015 to the so-called quota system which was proposed by some of the EU member states which means that every single country would have to accept a given number of migrants,” Duda said during the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show.

“And we gave a very clear answer to that. Whoever wants to come to Poland, whoever’s looking for help or assistance, especially refugees who are looking for shelter because they are threatened by war or persecuted in their own countries, if they want to come to Poland, we want them to stay in Poland, to live in Poland,” Duda explained.

But the president also said that Poland would not accept a situation in which these people are kept in prisons, and added that if they did not want to stay in Poland, then they would have to leave.

He added that no one would be forced to stay against their will.

Referring to the current migration crisis on Poland’s border with Belarus, Duda said it was the result of “absolutely irresponsible behaviour – even insane if to take into account international standards – of the Belarusian authorities.

The president accused Belarus of bringing illegal migrants to the border as they had also done on the frontiers of Latvia and Lithuania. He explained that, while protecting its border, Poland has been also fulfilling its European obligation.

“Poland’s eastern border is the frontier of the Schengen zone. It is our duty to protect it against illegal migration,” he said.

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