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We will support institutions associated with Poles abroad: Culture min

“We will always support initiatives related to the functioning of cultural institutions, associated with Poles abroad, as well as media initiatives,” Deputy Prime Minister, Culture Minister Piotr Gliński said during his visit to Vilnius on Monday.

The Deputy Prime Minister is visiting Vilnius to take part in the blessing ceremony of the new part of the Polish Cultural Center and to see the construction plans of the TVP Vilnius studio.

The Culture Minister pointed out that TVP Vilnius is the only branch of Polish public television abroad. “We know that this station is developing wonderfully. It is part of our larger Polish public station, but a very important and dynamically developing part,” he said.

The minister also thanked the Polish-Lithuanian dialogue and for the cooperation which, in his opinion, is much better than it used to be. “This proves the great maturity of Poles in Lithuania, our institutions,” he added.

“We are certainly worried about the political and international situation on our borders, but the optimistic news is that we are together, that we support each other very strongly. The Polish and European presence in Lithuania are very strong. the deputy Prime Minister stressed.

“We will always support the Lithuanian state in defending against external aggression, and the problem is common, because this aggression is growing. We have had this hybrid pressure on Polish borders for some time and it is entering the next stage,” he added.

“We must be aware of this threat and we must be tough and determined when it comes to the answer,” Minister Gliński emphasised. “We will not let this matter go, there is no possibility of any interference with the borders of the European Union, the border of Lithuania or Poland. Unfortunately, we are subjected to very strong hybrid pressure, but we are aware of it and we will defend ourselves against it,” he concluded.

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