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President Duda and various experts present Polish history to world

On September 17, texts from the next edition of the “We Are Telling the World about Poland” project will appear in the media of dozens of countries around the world. Articles by, among others, President Andrzej Duda, head of the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) Karol Nawrocki and historian prof. Roger Moorhouse are to present the recent history of Poland, as well as values ​​such as freedom and solidarity, to a wide audience.

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As Eryk Mistewicz, head of Institute for New Media (INM), initiator and organiser of the project, said, the texts have reached over 50 editorial offices around the world and will be published in the coming days, among others, in France, Germany, Italy, but also Algeria, Morocco, Senegal and Singapore.

The text by President Andrzej Duda tells about the historic victory of the Polish Solidarity trade union.

“Just as the Polish-Lithuanian Constitution of 3 May 1791, the first European governance act, initiated the great work of reforming the Republic, so the reform programme developed by Solidarity marked a breakthrough in the way matters of state and economy were approached. That was not only because the ideas of a ‘self-governing Poland’ and ‘democracy’ radically undermined the then authoritarian system, but also because the changes suggested by Solidarity were imbued with the great spirit of modernity,” the President wrote.

Karol Nawrocki, the head of the IPN, in his text presented events important for Poles that shaped the national identity of their homeland.

“We want to tell you about the extraordinary history of Poland, a country that has not only suffered as few other countries have, but also knew how to use the experience as a source of strength to fight for the most universal human value – freedom,” he stressed.

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Roger Moorhouse, a British historian and writer specialising in the history of World War II, drew attention to Poland’s relations with its neighbours.

“Poland is arguably in a better place now, geopolitically speaking, than it has been for a couple of centuries. But it still faces a challenge in dealing with its neighbours – an aggressive, backward-looking Russia to the east, and an EU in the west that seems to want to forget about the past entirely. It cannot afford to shirk that challenge,” the historian pointed out.

“In the post-war years, the victors essentially wrote the history. The British, Americans and Soviets all wrote their own histories of the war, and the west – through the political fellow travellers of the international left – largely adopted the Soviet narrative without criticism. In that environment, any honest assessment of Poland’s wartime history, and its contribution to the Allied victory, was effectively silenced – even those Poles in exile were unable to puncture the narrow victors’ narrative. Poland’s wartime story could not be told except where it was effectively sanctioned by the communist regime,” he wrote.

Previous editions of “We Are Telling the World about Poland” were related to the anniversaries of the outbreak of WWII, the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, the Battle of Warsaw, December ‘70 or the birth of St. John Paul II.

Texts on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Solidarity in 2020, published in 38 countries, reached over a billion recipients, and articles from 2021 on the 230th anniversary of the May 3rd Constitution were published in 62 countries in 22 languages.

The latest edition of the project is carried out by the Institute for New Media with the support of the IPN, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

All texts of the project can be read here

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