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Regarding media bill I look at my constitutional obligations: President

“It is not just a question of Polish-American relations, they also matter, because this regards an American investor, but most of all I look at my constitutional obligations,” President Andrzej Duda said in an interview with “Polska Times”.

He added that it is important to ask the question of whether the proposed solutions are in line with the freedom of economic activity, the principle of property protection and the principle of free speech, all enshrined in the Polish Constitution. According to the President these issues come first, the international relations are a matter of secondary importance.

The head of state noted that he also took into account how Poland would be perceived by foreign investors if he was to sign the amendment. He stressed that negotiations with two giant companies from the US and South Korea on possible large scale investments are underway.

“Let these two examples show that there are really thousands of potential jobs. These are also significant revenues for the Polish budget, for example from taxes. These are serious issues and we absolutely cannot be discouraging foreign investors,” the President emphasised.

He said that he is “an advocate of media repolonisation but through the free market”. “Media are bought, normally on the free market, according to market rules. If Polish entities can afford it, and there are those who can afford it, I encourage you to do so. Please buy. Let’s repolonise the media, but on market terms,” Andrzej Duda stressed.

The Polish President concluded his interview by stating that he will make the final decision on the issue once he receives the proposed amendment to his desk.

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