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Orlen Group companies sign sector deal for development of offshore wind energy

“Five companies of the Orlen Group involved in energy projects in the Baltic Sea have signed the so-called sectoral agreement, setting the directions for the development of the offshore wind energy sector in Poland,” the Polish oil giant announced.

PKN Orlen reported that the signatories of the agreement would strive for Polish companies to be involved in the implementation of the investment in the greatest possible way. For projects implemented in the first phase, the so-called local content is to reach a level of 20-30 percent of their total value, at least 45 percent for projects implemented until 2030 and a minimum of 50 percent for projects implemented after 2030.

“As the Orlen Group, we know that offshore wind energy will play one of the key roles in the energy transformation and the achievement of the company’s emission neutrality. It is also a new, attractive area for the development of industry and business in Poland,” the head of PKN Orlen, Daniel Obajtek emphasised.

Mr Obajtek pointed out that “for offshore wind energy to become a new impulse for the economy, actions are needed to define the framework for its performance”. “And that is why the sector agreement was created. We joined the agreement’s development, knowing that the Sector Deal, along with documents important to the industry, such as the offshore act, will be another milestone for the development of wind energy in the Baltic Sea,” the head of PKN Orlen noted.

According to Orlen “the signatories of the sectoral agreement are five entities from the Orlen Group that are implementing or are involved in energy projects in the Baltic Sea: PKN Orlen, Baltic Power, Orlen Neptun, Energa OZE and Energa”.

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